Kitchen of the Future for American Standard

Imagine Tessa walking into her kitchen. She pulls her favorite coffee cup out and puts it on top of the induction counter. “Good Morning Tessa, it will be sunny and 85 degrees today.” She taps the counter and proceeds to sip her coffee while looking out onto the projection of one of her favorite spots in the world, the Colorado Rockies. She is mindful of time, in one hour the back wall kitchen cabinetry will transform and open up into her workspace.  A pre-set zoom conference appears on the smart glass wall and Tessa begins her workday. 

Today, the kitchen is hailed as the heart of the home.  The Kitchen of the Future will nourish the mind, heart, body and planet, marrying technology and nature to create a self-sustainable space for healthy living. Through MAD’s signature lens Poetic Modernism®, new forms of human engagement within the kitchen will affect our brain, our senses, and impact our well-being.