I am back from Italy and I can honestly say the food was outrageous. Every morsel I tasted was flavorful. My senses of smell and taste were exploding. My gut sense was sending signals all over my body creating a mood of pure joy. #poeticmodernism® How is the food so good over in Italy? It made me think that “good” food has a passage to the plate. Is it the sea or the soil? The plant or the animal? The techniques of the farmer, butcher or the baker? Or is it the actual appliances they are using to produce perfection? I think it’s ALL of it.

Carbonara by Gabrisa, Positano

The United States’ Sea, soil, plants, animals are certainly different than Italy’s but we can have control over the right equipment in our kitchens to prepare our food in the best way possible. I look forward to my trip to Napa California with Signature Kitchen Suite in 2 weeks where I will learn through design, innovation, performance, and precision the final steps of how food gets to our tables. @sksappliances @modenus @gabrisa #SKSxDesignhounds #DesignhoundsNapa #SKSNapaEdc #truetofood #design #kitchendesign


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