sous vide steak
Photo Credit: Signature Kitchen Suite Sous Vide Steak

Over the years we have learned that Steam assist cooking is the healthiest way to cook. I now learned Sous vide is the most precise way to cook. But is Sous Vide also considered a healthful method of cooking like Steam?

Sous vide
Photo Credit: Signature Kitchen Suite debuts the swiss army knife of culinary innovations.

If you ever had the most tender leg of lamb or steak in a 5 star restaurant – ( back in the good ol’ days) most likely it was prepared by the Sous Vide method. It’s the kind of cooking that takes place in a precisely temperature-controlled water bath. This method of cooking offers unparalleled control over whatever you are trying to cook.

At the Kitchen and Bath Industry show (KBIS) I was first introduced to Sous Vide in 2019. At Signature Kitchen Suite they came out with the first 48” range that not only integrated sous vide but also had steam, induction and gas burners. We designers were all “ like whaaaa.” This is incredible. Yes! the Signature rep said, “it’s the swiss army knife of kitchen appliances, it has 5 options of cooking into 1 appliance.”

Check out this video of the 48″ Duel Fuel Pro range by Signature Kitchen suite:

So pivoting to today, I had the opportunity to cook with sous vide in my very own kitchen. Signature Kitchen suite sponsored an event with Modenus / Designhounds AT HOME and sent us designers our very own sous vide wand. I was able to make a sous vide Limoncello.

The process was 2 hours to make this heavenly cocktail, ( I had 2 -shush!) but it was worth it! I can now use what I have learned and make wonderful, healthy food for my family.

Signature Kitchen Suite  Chef Nick
Signature Kitchen Suite Chef Nick
Signature Kitchen Suite + Designhounds AT HOME event
Signature Kitchen Suite + Designhounds AT HOME event

On the zoom, I asked Chef Nick from Signature Kitchen, is Sous Vide a method as healthful as steam cooking? To my surprise, Chef Nick said even more so -Your food is cooking in its own marinade, absorbing all the good nutrients! The light bulb went off for me. OMG, there is no turning back. I may not have a 48” pro range with sous vide ( wishing) but I got my sous vide wand! Love it!

Sous Vide Limencello masterpeice



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