Hillsborough NJ Residence

GC: Bill Ruscher Construction
Stone Fabrication: Faithful countertop
Cabinetry install: Fivestar millwork
Tile install: Artistic tile, KJ tile
Photo Credit: SHDWSMEDIA

An entertainer’s kitchen, pure simplicity with the importance of the human experience. This client lives in a traditional colonial home and lives a traditional lifestyle. However, with a stressful job she seeks simplicity in her home and hired me to design a warm modern experience. The kitchen’s ergonomic design allowed her to focus on the important things in life which is the enjoyment of family and friends.  The choice of sustainable stone materials cross pollinate from the kitchen into the living space so it feels like one big space to play, build and eat. The kitchen also involves smart technology ie faucet to make life easier for a client who loves to entertain.