2017 DXV Design Panel – “Mid-Century Hygge,” Copenhagen (1950-1990)


DXV Design Panel 2017: “Journey the World” takes inspiration from four cities with uniquely distinguishing building characteristics and design styles and interprets them through exquisite bathroom settings that highlight timeless DXV fixtures and faucets.

Suggesting life on a houseboat, Alfano’s DXV bathroom brings the city of Copenhagen indoors with the use of natural materials, like hewn beams, water-inspired colors, and a living moss wall.

To achieve a sense of Nordic coziness, Alfano balanced light-colored materials with the occasional geometric pattern and pop of color. The design flexibility and cool curves of the complete DXV Modulus collection, scheduled to launch this November, were a natural fit for this aesthetic, from the striking soaking tub to the unique, wall-mounted drawer unit, countertop slab and vanity tray. “The DXV Modulus collection’s user experience is impressive,” Alfano noted. “The vanity tray fits perfectly on top of the lavatory, on top of the floating drawer, or even inside it. There’s thoughtfulness to the design.”

The DXV bathroom design consummates well being and was their 2017-2018 AD campaign featured in the following magazine’s: New York Times T Style, Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, INTERIOR DESIGN, Metropolis and Metropolitan Home.