2017 DXV Design Panel – “Mid-Century Hygge,” Copenhagen (1950-1990)


Suggesting life on a houseboat, Alfano’s Biophilic bathroom design brings the city of Copenhagen indoors with the use of natural wood, concrete materials, hewn beams, water-inspired colors, and a living moss wall. The human experience is something Michele always thinks about. Every detail in this bath design consummates well-being by touching the human senses of fire, water and earth. Through the lens Poetic Modernism™, the sense of sanctuary are experienced ultimately heightening your well-being. 

Fire, imagine soaking in the tub while seeing and hearing the crackling sounds.

Water, imagine bathing and being immersed in water with dimmed lights of blue beneath you. The sculptural lines of DXV’s Modulus tub, and fixtures were a natural fit to powerfully engage you with water.

Earth, nature is brought inside with the use of hewn wood beams, concretematerials, and a living moss wall. Imagine bathing and looking at the view beyond through windows of surrounded moss. Being connected with nature and let’s not forget the warm towels from the warming drawer automatically cues the brain to feel good.

The design was DXV Bathroom brand’s 2017-2018 AD campaign featured in the following magazine’s: New York Times T Style, Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, INTERIOR DESIGN, Metropolis and Newell Turner selected this design for a five page spread in Metropolitan Home.