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In college I was an applied mathematician. I also loved the arts- painting, drawing, sculpting, and jewelry making. I decided to apply to Architecture School thinking I would combine the disciplines I loved- math, science and art. Applying to architecture schools, the Dean of Architecture from Syracuse University told me on my interview that I was “too much of a romantic to become an architect.” Something inside me broke at that moment; it nestled itself in the back of my thoughts for all the years I practiced architecture…. Needless to say his words didn’t stop me from going to architecture school at UB and becoming an architect but the ghost of his words had an effect. I later learn how…

Iwataya Tunnel Japan
Iwataya Tunnel, Fukuoka Japan Design: Walker Group CNI/Michele Alfano

For most of my career, I worked for architecture firms in NYC, working on amazing projects like JFK Terminal One Airport, 34th street partnership revitalization, high end residential and an underground Interior Tunnel in Fukuoka Japan. I even went to Japan for the opening of the tunnel to see the fruits of my labor which earned an AIA honors award and a Business week/Architectural record award with the firm Walker Group/CNI. I am grateful for those times.

I was a disciplined architect but I felt like something was missing in my work and in my life. I wasn’t sure what was tugging at me, if it was those words from years past but I decided to start a blog called Mod Design Guru to express my voice on topics around innovation in the architectural interior worlds. To my surprise, brands were listening.

DXV Hygge Bathroom
DXV Spa Bathroom. Design: Michele Alfano Design

Rolling the tape ahead in 2017, I was selected by DXV, American Standard’s boutique bath brand to design a bathroom that would become their World of DXV – AD campaign for 2017-2018. The design was published in multiple trade magazines like Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Metropolis, Interior Design, The New York Time T-Style and a four page spread in Metropolitan Home. With new found confidence, I left my high-end residential architecture job and went out on my own to establish Michele Alfano Design, a boutique design firm specializing in architectural interior design. residential and commercial.

If I didn’t realize what I was creating then for DXV,  I realize it now.  I created my signature style -  calling it Poetic Modernism, "modern design with a pulse." A modern design which beckons the human connection to be at the core of every design solution. I realize now that every corner of that DXV bathroom space invited discovery in a very tactile, visual and visceral way.

But why was this so important to me? I think because I truly am a “romantic!" I want the spaces I design to touch the people that live in them with warmth, functionality,  honesty and discovery; Core values where you are able to discover your best self, to be the most productive, the most creative and the most well.

Click here to see more images of the DXV Hygge Bathroom.


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