One of my clients renovated their kitchen about three years ago. I asked her how her family is holding up during the Quarantine and if the kitchen/family room has helped them thru it?

I LOVE what she said:

“Turning our outdated Colonial into a more modern, open floor plan was the best decision we made. We have loved the space that Michele designed since the moment we saw her initial drawings. Her philosophy of Poetic Modernism created a space that is modern, but not stark or cold. The cool colors bring a sense of tranquility, and the amount of natural light that fills the space makes it feel warm and inviting. The space has influenced everyone’s well- being during this time being locked up. Our favorite part of the space is the island in the center of the kitchen. It is our family gathering space and has increased our productivity and creativity. It provides ample space to spread out and do work, gather for meals, or even play games together. We are grateful for our updated space and would not change a single detail.”

"Ample counter space to make my own pasta too!"

My heart sings when I read something like this knowing that design can impact and shape lives, especially this wonderful family!

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