Are we living Groundhogs day? Everyday seems like the same day over and over to me.

Everyone by now has needed to carve out a space in their home to find a place to get work done, if they didn’t already have an office.

Are you finding home office success for your mind and your body? Here are some ideas that have helped me:

#1 Tray:

How about a funky tray to sit on your desk? It not only helps organize your sticky notes, clips, stapler, and whatever, but also a place for water. Go hydrate!


Modern tray with Geometric shapes

Modern Desert Color Shapes Serving Tray


#2 Good Lighting:

Make your workspace as inviting as possible-  ambient lighting that will increase your productivity. I love this terrazzo lamp as it adds some whimsy to your desk and interest to your eye.

Modern Light fixture with Terrazzo base

Terrazzo Table Lamp


#3 Yoga Mat:

I have been exercising on my rug while watching exercise videos and found that a mat would be helpful from getting rug dust into my lungs. phew.. its defeating the purpose of staying healthy here! Love this abstract modern graphic on the Yoga mat. It inspires me! Does it inspire you?

Modern Geometric Yoga Mat

Sol Abstract Geometric Print in Multi Yoga Mat


#4 Nature

Having a plant on my desk makes me happy! How cute are these succulents cement planters?

Modern succulent planters

Mini Succulent


Let me know if any of these items could bring you home office success…

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